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Community Outreach

Bexley Women’s Aid provides a variety of services in the community to support women and children affected by domestic abuse.

Support groups and one to one advice sessions are available for women and children within the refuge and in the community to help them deal with the effects of domestic abuse. Our practical support groups achieve change and awareness, encouraging healthy relationship and helping to build a future where domestic abuse is no longer tolerated.

BWA believes that no-one should suffer domestic abuse and offers a free, specialist service to women in the Bexley area. BWA’s specialist support workers provide confidential support, information and emergency accommodation for women and their children.

Our groups support programmes continue to be popular amongst our service users and referring agents. They are on offer to women in refuge and community services and run at locally accessible venues with crèche provision for those who need it.

A support worker will help you look at your options in relation to:

  • Accommodation
  • Personal Safety
  • Legal issues
  • Housing
  • Employability
  • Income/Budgeting
  • Physical and Mental Well being
  • Support Networks
  • Personal growth

The Community Support Service can link you to other Women’s Aid Services:

  • Criminal Justice Service
  • Court Support
  • Accommodation
  • Training and Education
  • Group Work
  • Childcare Service
  • Youth Service
  • Health and well-being

We also have three regular groups:

  • The Freedom Programme
  • PACT (Positive Assertive Confidence Training)
  • Mother’s Moving Forward – a parenting programme


We recognise that women need flexibility to come to a group. So groups such as the Freedom Program operates on a rolling entry so women can join at any point in the 12-week programme and then continue on to the next group to complete any weeks that they have missed.

Our community support services is much needed to support women to support their children. Women can make sense of their experience of abuse and hopefully break the cycle, and as well as to teach healthy, respectful relationships going forward.